Selection of projects.

Now we introduce a selection of lastest projects that we have done
Clicking in the images you access a project.
¡Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoy making them!

Sadival. // Baskets and Christmas Lots.NUEVO!!
Photo direction, design and print management
Peligraf Fichas
Peligraf. // Paper company.NUEVO!!
Design and management of new tabs in catalogue
Peligraf Postal
Peligraf. // Paper company.NUEVO!!
Design and management of christmas card 2009
Web Ymicamiseta
Y mi camiseta?. // Customized T-Shirts.NUEVO!!
T-Shirt design and print. Ascendente's project > Visit Site
Web Valenycia
Valen&cia. // Souvenirs Valencia.NUEVO!!
Designs, development and distribution. Ascendente's project > Visit Site
Web Vinisterre
Vinisterre. // Enoturism.
Web design. Flash / ActionScript / PHP > Ver Web
Ascendente. // ;-)
Self promotion cards.
Danza fm
Danza fm. // Radio. Electrónica music.
Corporative design. Press dossier. Print ads.
Peugeot España. // Marca de automoción.
Invitation design for showroom of 4007.
Al Adwaq
Al Adwaq // Moroccan restaurant.
Corporative design. Type design.

Grupo Wandu
Grupo Wandû. // Entertainment.
Print ads and promotional microsite > Visit site
Empresas de ocio nocturno.
Night entertainment business (Clubs, pubs, etc.).
Works selection. Flyers, posters, promotional items, etc.
Peligraf navidad
Peligraf. // Empresa de manipulado de papel.
Design and management of christmas card 2008
El horno de los borrachos
El Horno de los Borrachos. // Night opening hours oven.
Corporative design, storefront, applications, promotional items.
Wandu Records
Wandu Records. // Record label. Soulful, deep, house.
Packaging design for vinyls collection.
Mistral Shoes
Grupo Mova. // Forniture Industry.
Web design. Flash / ActionScript / PHP > Visit site
Mistral Shoes
Mistral Shoes. // Shoes.
Corporative items, collection of samples, patterns, posters, application.
Ferrer Ópticos
Ferrer Ópticos. // Optometrics.
Corporative design and aplications.
Discoemotions. // House compilation.
Graphic identity, packaging design, diseño web > Visit site
Peligraf. // Paper manipulation.
Service catalogue.
Onestic. // Software development.
Corporative design.
Casanoa Gandía
Casanova Gandia. // Forniture Industry.
Design and photography for catalogue.
La Martingala
La Martingala. // Tapas selectas.
Corporative design.
Menéndez Estilistas
Menéndez estilistas. // Stylist, hair processing, for men.
Corporative design.
Giorgio Et Enrico
Giorgio Et Enrico. // Club.
Corporative design.
Pistacho Records
Pistacho Records. // Record label. Minimal, techno.
Packaging design for vinyls collection.
Jaime Piquer
Jaime Piquer. // Fashionable designer.
Web design. XHTML / CSS / JavaScript > Visit site